MultiWii 1.9 online

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The MultiWiiCopter is a open source software project aiming to provide the brain of a RC controlled multi rotor flying platform. It is compatible with several hardware boards and sensors.

The first and most famous setup is the association of a Wii Motion Plus and a Arduino pro mini board.

List of supported features:

  • multi Rotor type
    • QUAD +
    • QUAD X
    • HEX Y6
    • HEX FLAT +
    • HEX FLAT X
    • OCTO X8
    • OCTO FLAT +
  • Gimbal
    • when associated with an accelerometer, MultiWii is able to drive 2 servos for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system adjustment
    • the gimbal can also be ajdusted via 2 RC channels
  • Camera trigger output
    • a servo output can be dedicated to trigger a camera button. A servo travel pattern is defined in this case
  • GUI:
    • Coded with processing, java core: Linux/MAC/PC compatible, USB connection
    • exhaustive parameter configuration
    • graphical visualization of sensors, motors and RC signal
  • Flight mode:
    • one of the following mode
      • angle velocity driven (accro mode)
      • absolute angle driven (level mode)
    • optional mode, compatible with the 2 previous one
      • altitude assisted mode (baro mode, compatible with the 2 previous mode)
      • head lock assisted mode (magneto mode)
  • Hardware compatibility
    • receiver
      • any standard receiver with a minimum of 4 RC channels
      • any PPM sum receiver
    • servo
      • up to 4 any standard 50Hz servos can be used
    • motor ESCs
      • up to 8 standard ESC can be used, boosted with a 488Hz refresh rate
    • sensors
      • 3 MEMS Gyro
        • 2x IDG-650, 1x ISZ-650 (genuine Wii Motion Plus)
        • ITG3200
      • 3 MEMS Acc (optional)
        • LIS3L02AL (genuine Nunchuk)
        • BMA020
        • BMA180
      • 3 MEMS magnetometer (optional)
        • HMC5883
        • HMC5843
      • 1 MEMS barometer (optional)
        • BMP085
  • LCD for configuration of every parameters on the field
    • any Sparkfun serial 9600 baud LCD 2×16 characters
    • TEXTSTAR LCD 2×16 characters, with its 4 buttons supported

UPDATE MultiWii Final Release 2.0 online